The arrogance of mobile phones

I and my partner have Motorola mobile phones, both purchased in the last year. They are awful, for years my brother had Motorola’s and said how nice they were, so I jumped right in and within a short space of time brought two.

Its only after a little bit of use that you realise the phones consider themselfves more important than you!

Example 1:

If you carry your phone in your pocket (Like I do) the buttons on the side of the phone will alter the ring setting from loud to silent! WHY? Why do I need a button that I cannot turn off or disable on the side of my phone where any random object could press it? It became most frustratingly when my partner was 9months pregnant and thought I was ignoring her calls!

Example 2:

If you go to bed, leave the phone on and you get a text message, it will beep all night every 5 minutes until you get out of bed, go down stairs and read it. WHY? Surely if a message was that important the person would have phoned. Texts are asynchronous in nature and do not demand to be answered! (Probably my biggest bug bear about the phone that one)

Example 3:

Why does my v220 not have the same power charger as my partners L6? WHY?

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