Gaim builds

Got back my windows build enviroment today. Only thing not working is silc which is probably just an out of date DLL problem.

This was of course brought about by the restarting of Glommer patch to allow sending of custom emoticons:

I’ll be doing my best to review, build and test any patch files that turn up. To kick it off I built a patch that was updated to apply to the Beta5

It has bugs and crashes so to anybody thinking of using it you have been warned. Right now you just want to unzip it and run it from that folder rather than installing it over your existing install. You’ll also need 2 things 1, an entry in prefs.xml find the following:

and then edit it to look like:

2, You’ll need a folder with the icons in. Create one in the gaim profile folder as such:C:\Documents and Settings\Phil\Application Data\.gaim\custom_emoticons\msn\\Once you have done all of that, just start gaim and you should on an MSN account be able to send a custom emoticon.

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