Warcraft and runescape not for the casual gamer


I for my sins played Runescape for about 18month ending December 2006, now I am playing World of warcraft (thanks to a birthday present). One thing that bugged me about Runescape and it applies to warcraft as well is the levelling system. As a dad I don’t get a lot of time to play games like I used to, so levelling takes time, it gets even harder as the experience required is exponential. Meaning that it might only take 10mins to get from level 1 to 2 but 4 hours from 27 to 28.

Thinking ahead it means that I can expect to take about 100 hours to get from 59 to 60. When I only get about 10-20 hours per month gaming time it means that it will take me between 5 to 10 month to get just one level, not counting the fact that it will probably take about 5 years to get to 59 anyway!

I don’t even want to consider the Burning crusade addon which you can only see the good stuff at level 58+

I’ll get bored and cancel within a year I bet. Casual gamers are not considered in these games and really you want to be doing about 100 to 150 hours a month to make the game feel like you are making progress.

Game developers keep being told to consider new markets like women for example. Altering the experience so that hardcore gamers and casual gamers can play together would open up the market, think about it there are going to be more casual gamers than hardcore gamers. In game experience or gold needs to be balanced with time spent not in game.

If I am offline make it so that I can gain 1 point in a skill per hour that I am off-line, surely while online I can get points faster but I know that when I am not playing the game (and the monthly fee) will still have value for me as a consumer.

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