Ubuntu progress

Well I have been having a lot of success with my ubuntu install. I have to get it to mirror windows functionality or the rest of the family will be frustrated.

I have an Acer Aspire 5100 and its a powerful work horse. It has AMD Turon 64 x2 processor in it but since I couldn't get the broadcom wireless 43xx card to work in 64 bit I am having to run 32bit.

The range of the wireless is also less than windows however I did find a link (which I'll post later) which explained that the developers hadn't worked out the best power settings yet and that 2.6.23 kernel would be better. Ubuntu 6.04 has the 2.6.20 kernel and runs the depreciated SoftMAC wireless stack so I am probably hampered until next year's release of ubuntu (or creating my own kernel).

Current successes are:
World of warcraft
Thunderbird sharing address books and accounts and filters sync'ed
Firefox bookmarks and settings sync'ed
Pidgin setup for home
Power management (much better than Vista)
Installing Tux Paint (for my eldest son)
Installing K3b for burning
ATI binary drivers (which I hope to drop next year for the OSS version)
Wifi on boot (rather than wait for Gnome to start)

Still to do:
MMC card slot not working
Wireless on resume from hibernate is not coming back up (might be authentication delay)
NTFS writeable (while this is easy Vista has a bug where it doesn't shut down 80% or the time and will leave the drive dirty, when ubuntu tries to mount the drive it gives a warning and fails, the Acer technical support told me to run the recovery process to revert me back to XP and destroy all my data! Clearly not a solution for the real world, do I get compensation as the laptop has a sticker saying Vista Premium Ready?)
Turn off disk check after 35 boots (who decided this? I can't even skip it if I am in a hurry)

I think longer term I'd like to become certified, just to know I have reached a level of competence.

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