Zen habits and me

Well for the last two weeks I have been reading ZenHabits.net and have tried some of the advice.

First I cleared my office desktop.
Second I take time with my cleaning (Buddhist monks use sweeping as a form of meditation/contemplation time).
Third I cleared my windows desktop of icons (have to do this regularly).
Forth I tried concentrating on just the moment, which is very hard for a long period.
Fifth removed all but 5 RSS feeds.
Sixth I cleared out my inbox and promised myself I would only check it once per day.

Now the last one was the hardest, but I figured out a system. I have a folder and a filter for all mailing lists or automails. I never need these beyond a week or two so I told Thunderbird to delete any emails older that 14 days in that folder. The inbox I changed to move read emails to an archive folder after 7 days. I get about 10-20 emails in my inbox now. Somehow it seems fresher, I have an archive for referring back to something important and stuff that isn't is deleted automatically.

I wanted to move back to using gmail but deletion is a pain the rear. You can delete a page of emails but you cannot delete a tagged set of emails. You cannot setup a timer to delete certain tags after a time as well. But on the plus side its conversation view of emails (seeing your response next to a received email) is just outstanding. My inbox and sent items should not be separate folders in my view.

Generally I seem to have more time and am a little calmer. Doing things in small steps is the key. Don't do all those things in one day.

Oh and I can heartily recommend http://www.google.com/notebook/ it has helped me keep track of what I plan to do. I look at it nearly hourly now and it just works.

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