Desktop search


Last year I could not see the point of Google's desktop search, this year Microsoft have installed it on my servers! I was quick to block it on my desktop but wonder why we need it?

Is the idea of folders going away? I put my receipts in one folder, my icons in another, my letters in another. Its not hard. The accountants that work below us put documents into folders based on the client name and then year. Its not hard.

How often in the last ~20 years of computing have I wanted to find every file on my computer that contains the word cranberry? My ubuntu upgrade to 7.10 enabled desktop search. I turned it off asap, why do I want something indexing files I am never going to search on?

If you think the impact of running the service is low, just consider that disk drive access is the slowest part of any computer, then consider that each time you modify a file or save a file the index will have to be updated. So having the index isn't expensive but maintaining it is.

In today's carbon footprint aware society, I think developers need to think about the carbon impact of maintaining indexes on hundreds of millions of PC's which will probably only ever be used 0.001% of the time.

(Caveat: Clearly some people have memories like a fish and this is a useful tool but not a mass market tool)

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