Eco kettle - Flawed design


In Decemeber 2007 our kettle's filter broke, I could not find a replacement for the life of me.

I decided to go the Eco-friendly way and buy a new Eco-kettle:

It turns out its a really bad idea purely from a design perspective. Let me explain.

Firstly a description: there are two chambers, the boiling chamber and a reservoir. There is a button on the top of the lid that when pressed will allow the water to drain into the boiling chamber, so you only use just the right amount. You can also lock this into position so that both chambers will boil.

Now stop and think about this, simple laws of physics come into play here. If you have one chamber that is filled with boiled water and on top of that you have water that is at about 5 degrees centigrade and you leave it for 10mins your boiled water will be lukewarm! Meaning you have to reboil the kettle.

Next look at the amount of materials used when compared to a traditional kettle, you have an extra button, a rod to open the reservoir, a seal for the reservoir and a special catch that will allow you to keep the button pressed to boil both chambers. All that is extra materials in the manufacturing process and more to dispose of at its end of life. Its also mostly plastic so recycling is harder and component failure is higher.

On a little aside you will also find that the kettle is not much bigger than a standard kettle, meaning that if you have to boil a lot of water you have to have the button locked down so that both chambers get boiled. If (as with mine) the catch and button start to give a little (with use) you end up with the entrance to the reservoir not being wide enough to boil the water in the reservoir causing you to boil the kettle twice.

If you are the kind of person that fills a kettle up just as much as they need it then you are already doing what this £30 kettle does. While the kettle is winning awards I can only assume that its because the testers are not using it long term.

If you think that it has some other component that helps it well it has a 3000W element which is the same as my previous standard kettle. They are not going to change the laws of physics, the amount of energy used to boil a kettle is constant.

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