Facebook is evil


Computers ask black and white questions and only accept black and white answers.

When you reject someone as a friend have you now lost an opportunity to build a friendship in the future due to somebody taking offence at virtual rejection?

Clearly you cannot allow everybody you meet to be a friend, friendship is a gradient of trust. Do you really want everybody to know you just left the Russell Brand fan club? Is your friendship stronger because you have been bitten by a werewolf?

Facebook is successful because it makes it easy for people to share and reminds people that their old friends are still alive and doing things. Its the next progression from friends reunited which was hugely popular before Facebook. The next Facebook will intergrate other features that will help us share our lives this will be via mobile phone picture messaging, email and calendar intergration. The theme is really taking existing technology and making it work better with what we want to do.

I am interested to know the long term effects on this, it creates a social grouping that is looking backwards at relationships that no longer have physical associations. Humans by nature need physical contact to keep their sanity, its part of the way our brains have evolved. Will peoples perception of the past alter or will it be set in pixels as websites keep an archive of individual history?

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