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Why as an optimist do I get rained on? I think its not going to rain but it does.

BTW another build with XMPP emoticons, saving of emoticons and bug fixes. This is trunk now:

I should learn how to package debs, that would be helpful.

Jabber custom emoticons


We after MSN got custom emoticons I noticed that someone had created a patch to add support to the XMPP (Jabber/GTalk) protocol.

The added bonus is that the same guy created a patch so that you can save a smiley that you are sent by right clicking on it.

For your testing needs:

Merged at last


It turns out that 1187 has been merged at last. I compiled the next.minor branch.



A race with Tw@in28

Twain challenged me to a race to build this, while I did not come first I can say I got the MSNP9 and MSNP15 builds.
(This compile is with the MSN protocol 9)

If you want to be more cutting edge this one is MSN protocol 15

As always please report bug or improvements to: