monotone + Qt + Eclipse

We have recently taken on a project that requires Qt, Eclipse and a good version control system. I chose monotone as its the most stable distributed version control system for windows (the company platform).

So far monotone has been a learning curve over normal VCS, however the learning is paying dividends in the merging and pace of development.

I have a buildbot machine running ubuntu linux that once complete will hopefully create the binary for Linux, Mac OSX and windows! A grand plan to be sure. I have material to read how to do this. Windows built on Linux needs Mingw copied to Linux, and Mac also has something similar, however I think that not many people are trying this right now.

A list of things you will need if you are going to try this is:
monotone for windows,
Qt built by you (if your doing it for comercial reasons)
Eclipse (CDT version)

You need to ensure that the environment variables are setup, in the PATH there should be (in this order) the windows monotone (cygwin has one so watch out), Mingw, cygwin and Qt.

C:\Program files\monotone\;c:\Mingw\bin\;c:\Cygwin\bin;C:\Qt\4.4.0\bin;

Other variables you will need are:
MTN_MERGE set to diffutils
(Diffutils comes from cygwin)

With diffutils I had to set my command promot window to be 140 charaters wide to display the diff nicely.

Within the checkout folder I have added a .mtn-ignore file. This has allowed me to exclude the files that Qt is generating when doing a qmake. So far I have:

The last one is debatable. More soon.

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