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Warcraft levelling

So I have been playing World of Warcraft for about a year and a half (it was a birthday present). I started as a Night Elf Rogue. I loved the idea of going invisible and sneaking up on someone and back stabing them. It was letting my dark side out to play.

I recently decided to re-roll, which means create a new character on a different server, but this time I chose a Troll Hunter. I had read that it was quicker to level a hunter and easier. You have a pet which effectively does the fighting for you while you fire arrows at the current target.

With my rogue it was all about cooldowns, waiting to get energy to execute the next devastating move and parrying while watching your back for other mobs that might be heading your way. With the hunter last night I set my pet to attack, fired auto-shoot and went to get a beer. Came back and carried on the fight...... all to easy.

Windows Vista verses Ubuntu Linux


So about two weeks ago I was thinking it might be an idea to boot into my Vista partition on my laptop to run the updates as I had not booted it up in about a year and a half. However laziness got the better of me and I figured what was the point in wasting an hour.

The amount of time I do not spend on antivirus, antiphishing and system updates since switching to ubuntu full-time is about an hour a week I would estimate. On ubuntu all my software is kept up to date via the auto update applet (an addition I would like them to add is a checkbox to tell it to shutdown when its complete) and I do not have to visit one website for each application I want to use, just to check and download any updates. The time has been better served by me reading the news, playing warcraft and doing compiles of software I am interested in testing.

Anyway, my partner is taking the ECDL as part of her nurses training, however it requires windows as it uses ActiveX for its courseware and it did not run co…


Ok, just read a rant about how to prevent people spoofing website:

Clearly what needs to happen is not putting up giant big warnings but simply changing how the address bar is displayed. The address bar can contain so many different elements that you can trick someone into thinking they are at their own banks website. If the URL display was simplified you could remove this problem.

The address bar should only display the root domain ( .com, and the domain name (google). When you click on it you should get the full URL. Do people care that there is a query string? Do people care that the site is www?

Your only problem then would be people that cannot read phishing domains that are miss-typed, i.e.

Also doing the right thing and reversing the order of the domain would help a lot. Having would make you realise that its the com part that is most significant. Problem is that we are too far into …

Minor Pidgin update


Well some small fixes for MSN, OSCAR (AIM) and Jabber came through so I thought I should update my build.

They also updated Perl from version 5.8 to 5.10 so you'll probably want to head over to ActiveState if you run into problems.