Windows Vista verses Ubuntu Linux


So about two weeks ago I was thinking it might be an idea to boot into my Vista partition on my laptop to run the updates as I had not booted it up in about a year and a half. However laziness got the better of me and I figured what was the point in wasting an hour.

The amount of time I do not spend on antivirus, antiphishing and system updates since switching to ubuntu full-time is about an hour a week I would estimate. On ubuntu all my software is kept up to date via the auto update applet (an addition I would like them to add is a checkbox to tell it to shutdown when its complete) and I do not have to visit one website for each application I want to use, just to check and download any updates. The time has been better served by me reading the news, playing warcraft and doing compiles of software I am interested in testing.

Anyway, my partner is taking the ECDL as part of her nurses training, however it requires windows as it uses ActiveX for its courseware and it did not run correctly on the IE4linux that I have installed on ubuntu. So she booted into windows, worked away for a while. Then a message popped up and she clicked on it hoping it would go away. Next thing she knows its installing service pack 1 for Vista! OK.

Well lucky I have a second laptop and she could switch to that, I took over babysitting the installation of the service pack while I watched a movie. However after 15 minutes of 100% it informed me that the update had failed and that it was rolling back. OK. However after another half an hour it decided to reboot and inform me that my version of windows was not genuine! Errrrrr what! It locked me out of my desktop completely!

I tired to activate online but Vista had lost the key completely. I had to shutdown and try and locate the CD in the morning. To cut a longer story short, it still is not up and running. Something is broken and the rapair also failed. A complete reinstall is most likely, however my ubuntu is stable and making sure the laptop is not a paperwieght.

I am loving the lack of a licencing service on ubuntu, windows has wasted more of my time in one day than I have spend on ubuntu in a year.

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