Googles new chrome

Well there is a lot of buzz on the net about Googles new browser:
While I like the effort that is going into the browser I have my reservations. On the plus side they are going to fix the issues of single threaded application. It has been a pain since the first browsers that when it is working on something it cannot do anything else.

What I think might not work is use cases which most programmers in an office might not realise:
1, Disconnected use, when I just turn on my PC and the wifi is just out of range or trying to hook up what will happen to this new flashy home page?
2, Pay as you go broadband, many people are on pay as you go with just 1GB of usage cap, this browser is doing most of its smart stuff by talking a lot to Google, that is going to eat bandwidth.
3, Shared browser, at home I do not have different profiles for everybody that uses the laptop. It would be a pain. However I do not want to see my top sites mixed with my partners or my sons but Google will do that. I noticed it with Amazons suggested products feature years ago, I would buy Christmas presents and then get suggestions that I would want to by a thomas the tank engine bottle warmer!
4, Security, googles claim of safer browsing is limited, they are just having high and low security rather than 3 levels that all other browsers provide. They have plugins which is flash and other object which at the end of the day will just be another hole like ActiveX was.

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