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Pidgin: Jingle file transfer

In an effort to make file transfers more robust a crazy patch writer of Pidgin created a patch with adds another file transfer method.

You can download a copy from:

If you know me, install the application and send me a file to test.

The popular press

Not a lot impresses me about the popular press, too much emphasis is placed on celebrity and not enough on the world at large. Reporters are comfy with chasing down a celebrity in Covent garden [3] rather than going out to places like Africa where real tragedy happens on a daily basis.

Two events this weekend highlight that. Firstly Red Nose Day [1] is a fund raising event for those that need it most in England and Africa. It was great and raised the most it has ever done. However now that its all over the paper and magazines have quickly resumed their hour by hour cover of Jade Goody's death [2].

While Mrs Goody's illness is tragic, I would say that the reporting of it has sickened me. Not because they shouldn't but because most of the press only report on tragedy if its a celebrity.

As if to say that life is only meaningful if you are famous...


Bankers pay

Way to many people are worried about the past [1] and not enough about the future, when I see complaints about how much bankers are paid or even directors of big companies never see anybody saying "Why don't we create a law to prevent this in future".

I am not saying outlaw bonuses, but do have a law that mandates that bonuses be just and in the public interest. Bonuses are an important incentive to some cases and owners of a company should get a larger share than others.

However in the recent banking crisis, clearly there has been payments which are not in the public interest since the public have saved the banks and businesses from collapse. That way a director of a company cannot pump up the value of the business and then let it go bust and taking a golden parachute with them.

Being cynical I would say such a law would never happen, a lot of long standing MP's end up as non-executive directors and such a law would ruin their retirement plans.