New Government

I think the system of government is not quite right. Something has bugged me for years since reading Plato's republic. In it he said the leaders should be philosophers. Clearly you could read this as his bit to be Prime Minister.

But essentially he is right. The people that are making laws are those voted in via a popularity contest. It dawned on me the other day that I knew nothing about what Gordon Brown did before becoming an MP and I was surprised at what I found...

What makes a PhD History student turned TV presenter a good person to decide laws and govern over the whole of the British economy?

If it was a CV would you invite him in for an interview?

So surely that leads to the next question, if you were to run the UK like a business how would it be structured?

Well you would have a chief executive officer and correctly qualified people doing the day to day and long term planning. Behind them you would have shareholders that would vote on the board of directors.

Now that clearly looks like what we have with the exception of the qualified bit. What you could do is abstract away one level like schools or charities. You could have smart people running things and a board of governors that intervene when things go wrong or when someone new needs to be picked.

The MP's could be governors of the UK but employees would create laws, smart people, people trained to do so. Pay bonuses when they simplify laws or create a return on investment, right now there is no incentive for an MP to get better at what they do.

Taking it that one step further you could then out source Parliment. Why not?

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