Gnome desktop design

Ok so I stumbled across a blog post saying that they were going to reduce the number of icons in the Gnome Desktop to give it a cleaner feel. I had this to say:

I personally hate that some actions have icons and others do not. However I wish you had gone the other way and removed the text instead.

Humans are far better a picking shapes and colours rather than reading text plus you get the added bonus of not having to translate that into 200+ languages (except for tooltips perhaps).

The post mentions that people can speed read but you need to reduce the amount of skill people need to work with a computer.

User interfaces should be measured in terms of eye movement, how many times I have to move your eye to get to where it needs to be. Reading lines of text (menus in this case) will not help in my opinion.

An all image path is very much harder but once you are there it will be a better place.

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