Hybrid cars

There is a little bit of controversy about how to measure miles per gallon of hybrid cars.

The current claim is that you charge up, drive 40 miles on electric and then with the gallon of fuel onboard you can drive a further 190 miles. So they add that up and get 230 miles per gallon which beats my 55MPG car by quite a way.

Personally I think those figures are nonsense, a quantum leap in technology like that is most surprising as it stands. However my main beef is that I use a MPG as a marker of how much it will cost to run my car. With this new method the cost of charging the car up overnight and whilst at work (how many work places are actually going to do this) is not factored into the equation.

Petrol is an excellent form of energy because of lack of loss of energy during transport (compared with electricity over copper). What is needed is a super capacitor that can store the same amounts of energy as a fuel tank. Hook that up the a nuclear power-station and then you have the problem solved.

Just shifting the CO2 problem from the car to the coal/gas power-station does not work.

And for those that are on green energy tariffs, you need to read your fine print as only a percentage of your energy is actually green. Same goes for organic foods in supermarkets.

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