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Copenhagen Summit

The Copenhagen summit it taking place this week:

Its basically the worlds politicians getting together and agreeing what is to be done about the climate change.

This morning whilst watching bloomberg they had the CEO of Ryanair saying "Don't be stupid trees need C02" in response the the question of the growing levels of pollution which the aviation industry is responsible for.

From a statement like that clearly shows how uneducated or selfish the man is.  Clearly trees do need CO2 to grow, but if there are not the trees to take that CO2 where does it go?  His comment also utilised the word "Stupid" which clearly shows that rather than debate the issue he just wants to bully his audience.

It is a shame that the head of a large company clearly would only reduce pollution if he was forced to do so.  At the heart of it there is a capitalist which is denying rational thought because money is at stake.

Whilst many businesses are asking for a reprie…

Should the government veto the bonus bankers get?

It appears that I am at odds with the vast majority of the poll. I am part of 6% that believe RBS should not have its bonus payment fund limited.

Most people are still angry about what has happened and think that the bankers have screwed us over.  We that maybe but we are way past that now.  The British government OWN that bank. 

Now if I owned a business I would want the best and brightest working for me.  I would not want those that could not get a job working anywhere else, because my business would sink like the titanic.

If the government limits the bonuses given by RBS to its staff, the top 10 to 20% will leave for Barclay's or any of the 100 other banks that will pay the going rate.  The business will suffer and the 56 billion pound investment will be lost.  In 5 years time the money we put into the bank could be worth 66 billion or it could be worth 46 billion. 

By removing the top 10% to 20% of…

Break dns to end scam emails

The internet domain name system allows for almost unlimited naming convention, with the exception of the top level (which will soon be anything anybody wants).

Scammers exploit this by sending emails with the following server names:

On the surface you get the Alliance and Leicester name so if you are not savy you think your at your bank.  No 99% of legitimate use will not have more than the 3 parts:

www ==> server name
alliance-leicester ==> domain ==> Top level domain

The scammers here have 4 sub-domains ( ) added to help them pull off their fraud.  Surely browsers and email clients could warn when we have even 1 sub-domain?