Copenhagen Summit

The Copenhagen summit it taking place this week:

Its basically the worlds politicians getting together and agreeing what is to be done about the climate change.

This morning whilst watching bloomberg they had the CEO of Ryanair saying "Don't be stupid trees need C02" in response the the question of the growing levels of pollution which the aviation industry is responsible for.

From a statement like that clearly shows how uneducated or selfish the man is.  Clearly trees do need CO2 to grow, but if there are not the trees to take that CO2 where does it go?  His comment also utilised the word "Stupid" which clearly shows that rather than debate the issue he just wants to bully his audience.

It is a shame that the head of a large company clearly would only reduce pollution if he was forced to do so.  At the heart of it there is a capitalist which is denying rational thought because money is at stake.

Whilst many businesses are asking for a reprieve from climate issues, I think its the wrong time.  A recession (we are not in a depression) is a time for a spring clean, people loose job and new industries take effect.  Those that are most scared of change are the larger more set in their ways businesses.


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