A Jedi you are not

Just been crying with laughter at a clear moron:


I also consider the manager of the JobCentre a moron for apologising the man in question.

Basically he got kicked out of a JobCentre for not taking off his hoodie which he claimed that he was a Jedi and wearing a hood is part of his religion.

There are so many things wrong with that here are a few:

1, I know Jedi has been recognised as a religion (which I guess is ok) however the religion does not mandate the wearing of hoodies like in the case of Muslim women.

2, The guy was in a JobCentre, a place were people are trying to help you.  Do you really want to get on the wrong side of the people that are trying to help you?  That just proves his attitude stinks.

3, Jedi's are meant to be respectful and peace loving, his attitude is neither.

4, At the bottom of the article the reporter suggests that in future if any other Jedi's are ejected perhaps just a wave of their hand and the words "This is not the hoodie your looking for" would be enough.


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