Why there are terrorists

Back after the September the 11th 2001 bombing I decided to look into the history of why anybody would crash a plane into a tower block.

The truth is no sane person would and that for someone to be driven to extremes they have to have been through extremes.

The western governments have fought by proxy for decades and now that has come back to haunt them.  Governments would give training and weapons to foreign people to help fight oppression and communism.  Then promise to help rebuild the country once they had one.

We are not at war currently, we won (according to George W Bush).  So its quite shocking to see a gunship killing a group of people on the ground because the suspect one of them is holding a heavy weapon.


Now I know that its important to police the population, you do not want them walking around with RPG's (rocket propelled grenades).  However, this was not policing.  It was murder, there was clearly not enough evidence as it was a camera that was being carried.  If there is ambiguity it should be cleared up.  1 person was suspected of carrying a banned weapon but they all had to die by the looks of it.

I approve of gunships being used to support troops on the ground but not as the only means of policing.

This video is an example of why the western world is fighting a war on terror, because of our mistakes.

(on a technical note as I have worked on defence system, there is technology out there to recognise the type of tank or plane based on its silhouette or outline.  A clever computer program could also do the same with a large weapon like an RPG, clearly the camera needs to be better but shape recognition is possible)


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