Microsoft DOCX format Epic fail

In case you want to know why DOCX is crap:

This is a sample of what I have to deal with:

<span style="color: #595959;"></span><span style="color: grey; font-family: 'swis721 md bt'; font-size: 44pt;">  </span>

That's right, Microsoft thinks that you need colour on nothing, then you need font and colour on spaces.  Now actually I am smart enough to know that in truth you want spaces to have a font so that if you wrote a sentence, then wanted to add a word and put in spaces for space you would need the spaces to preserve the font details.  HOWEVER in this case that information is page wide, no need for the document to be littered with crap.

You could argue that its only ever read by computers so why does it matter, it matters because its not only read by computers, XML is a human readable format.  If we didn't need that would would have just stuck the EDI Interchange documents (binary formats).


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