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Less taxes, more price increases

Last year there was a proposal of a new tax to pay for rural broadband, they wanted to charge every landline £6 per year (regardless of if it was in the countryside or even used for broadband).

With the new government coming into power that got killed off.

However the company which would have received the money to invest has simply done what it should have done in the first place and increased line rental by 50 pence per month:

Of course we see that BT are now the bad guy as opposed to the government, which is probably how it should be.  However BT are now going to pay tax on that extra 50 pence so the government got two things for abandoning one.

F in maths rant

My brother shared with me a link about Facebook.  Which is an incredibly bad use of statistics and the reason why modern science is dumbing down.  One of the diagrams is showing more single men than single women, this tells us nothing.  Basic set theory would ask "How much are the two sets overlapping?",  people do not join as a couple so why would you expect both halfs of relationship to be Facebook.

Does the information not point to single men using Facebook as a dating site?  Rather than the implied men claim they are not single.  Again I am making something up, like they do, its all meaningless.

Statistics are so badly abused these days, there should be a law that means you have to link to the actual data so someone else can verify a claim (80% of the population agree with me).  The BBC news seems really bad at offering a percentage with only half an explanation.