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Holidays paid for by me

I am raging at the moment (probably not a great time to write something) but my brother sent me an excellent documentary about our national debt being 4.8 trillion pounds.

Which is £77,000 debt for every man, woman and child in the UK.  The other great point that it made was that MPs have no money.  So when they say we should spend this or do that they are actually talking about our tax money.

This MP thinks that the poor should have holiday's paid for by the state!

That means more taxes to pay for those not willing to get up and earn money for themselves.  Entrepreneurial activity is at an all time low and the government seems determined to remove any reason.  Not only are they going to have to tax more but also if you cannot be bothered to do anything you'll get more.

I rage more because I pay a lot of tax and have only had 1 short break in 9 years.  My girlfriend is…