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iPad network problems part 2

So, my problems with the iPad are not resolved.  DNS settings appear just to reset the network.  Apple are aware of the problems:

Interestingly turning the brightness down is one of the solutions.

Current plan is to change my router from mixed b & g wireless to just g.

I checked, my neighbor has a wifi network on channel 11 and I am on 3.

iPhone sim copy method

I could not find a concise list of how to copy contacts from an old phone with a standard micro sim to the iPhones new mini sim, so I thought I should post it here.

1, Do not put a sim in your iPhone.
2, Copy all your contacts to your phone from your current SIM card.
3, Either call or go to your mobile operators website and request the number be ported to the new sim.
4, The new mini sim has an outer layer that allows it to fit into a micro sim slot.  Use this, when the phone number is ported, in the old phone.
5, Copy the contacts from the mobile to the new sim
6, Use the tool you get in the iPhone packaging to open the side of the iPhone and insert the mini sim.
7, Connect the phone to iTunes and update the phone.
8, Once its completed that (it can take an hour or so), go to the Setting, Mail and Contacts section.
9, Scroll down until you get to the contacts section and select "Import from SIM".

Job done.

Important thing is not to do what instinct tells you and turn on th…

iPad and the hanging youtube playback

I am an iPad owner now.  On the surface its cool technology, second impression is "How do I use a tablet in my lifestyle?", third impression is that my PC and laptop are now used about 20% of the time and the instant on and portability of the iPad is far better.  I can now make bread whilst reading/watching the news for example (I hate traditional news broadcasts because its linear and I cannot pick the subject matter.

So I was getting ticked off with youtube on the iPad.  It would randomly hang as if the buffer had run out then 1-5mins later resume playing.  Odd.

Googling suggested that I needed to change the DNS setting:

This sounded very odd, I also didn't like the idea of putting in a number into my computer without knowing more about it.

Turns out that OpenDNS is a company selling DNS services.  If you take their free package they inject adverts into your browsing.  I assume they are redirecting people that mis…

Precognition and long term memory

Many people over the years have sought answers to the meaning to dreams and can we see the future.

On some level for all my life I have had dreams, that become a reality. The dreams by definition are short segments of time 10 - 30 seconds at most. The precognitions occur 6 to 18 months later. They are always scenes that seem impossible given my present life ciircumstances. On the whole not overly useful...

Time is a human invention. We perceive an order of events, however sciene tells use that time can flow in any and all directions. Time can be changed, such as at a blackhole or with a theoretical wormhole.

Based on that, the simplest explanation for what happens in these dreams, is that my perception of time is relaxed for a moment and my brain processes that instead.

Two factors stand out:

Firstly it's always in my long term memory, no déjà vu.

Secondly going to sleep drunk or over tired seems to make it happen more often.

The frequency is probably twice a year these dream…

Daylight savings time

In my inbox was again my local MP.  This time he was promoting he virtues of removing daylight savings time.

Right now there is a bill before parliament that if passed will allow for an in depth study and trial of moving the time and getting rid of daylights savings.

My problem with this is that its a waste of money, we'll spend millions on consultations, get a trial running.  When everybody asks why, the government will then spend millions more on explaining why it thinks its a good idea to people that are more concerned about bankers bonuses and the NHS.

The tabloids will have a field day that MPs are trying to destroy the "Great British" international time standard that is GMT or British Summer Time.

A beautiful quote from the BBC "Supporters say lighter evenings would reduce traffic fatalities and boost exercise" so why is …