Daylight savings time

In my inbox was again my local MP.  This time he was promoting he virtues of removing daylight savings time.

Right now there is a bill before parliament that if passed will allow for an in depth study and trial of moving the time and getting rid of daylights savings.

My problem with this is that its a waste of money, we'll spend millions on consultations, get a trial running.  When everybody asks why, the government will then spend millions more on explaining why it thinks its a good idea to people that are more concerned about bankers bonuses and the NHS.

The tabloids will have a field day that MPs are trying to destroy the "Great British" international time standard that is GMT or British Summer Time.

A beautiful quote from the BBC "Supporters say lighter evenings would reduce traffic fatalities and boost exercise" so why is the bill about getting funding for an in depth study if this is already known.  Its all opinion at the moment and doing this at a time when momey is tight is ridiculous.


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