iPad and the hanging youtube playback

I am an iPad owner now.  On the surface its cool technology, second impression is "How do I use a tablet in my lifestyle?", third impression is that my PC and laptop are now used about 20% of the time and the instant on and portability of the iPad is far better.  I can now make bread whilst reading/watching the news for example (I hate traditional news broadcasts because its linear and I cannot pick the subject matter.

So I was getting ticked off with youtube on the iPad.  It would randomly hang as if the buffer had run out then 1-5mins later resume playing.  Odd.

Googling suggested that I needed to change the DNS setting:


This sounded very odd, I also didn't like the idea of putting in a number into my computer without knowing more about it.

Turns out that OpenDNS is a company selling DNS services.  If you take their free package they inject adverts into your browsing.  I assume they are redirecting people that mistype to their advert pages.

If the solution was to not use the local routers DNS server, the next best fix would be to use my ISP's DNS servers, because they are nearer to me.

Sure enough, it worked, getting the ISP's DNS servers from my router removed the pauses.

But why?

My best guess is IPv6.  Linux had a problem a few years back where IPv6 was enabled by default and the first priority.  However it would cause a delay because it was waiting for IPv6 to fail before trying IPv4, and doing that on each new connection.  By setting the DNS to outside my network the iPad has no choice but to use IPv4 from the get go.  Of course without running a packet trace I am not going to find out for sure.  If I did prove the theory I cannot fix it because the iPad is closed source, bummer.


Bob H said…
I've recently encountered significant delays in browsing on an embedded TV product because of IPv6. This confused us for a little while and remains a concern for me.

This makes me wonder: Is Linux ready for IPv6?

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