iPhone sim copy method

I could not find a concise list of how to copy contacts from an old phone with a standard micro sim to the iPhones new mini sim, so I thought I should post it here.

1, Do not put a sim in your iPhone.
2, Copy all your contacts to your phone from your current SIM card.
3, Either call or go to your mobile operators website and request the number be ported to the new sim.
4, The new mini sim has an outer layer that allows it to fit into a micro sim slot.  Use this, when the phone number is ported, in the old phone.
5, Copy the contacts from the mobile to the new sim
6, Use the tool you get in the iPhone packaging to open the side of the iPhone and insert the mini sim.
7, Connect the phone to iTunes and update the phone.
8, Once its completed that (it can take an hour or so), go to the Setting, Mail and Contacts section.
9, Scroll down until you get to the contacts section and select "Import from SIM".

Job done.

Important thing is not to do what instinct tells you and turn on the iPhone as soon as you get it.


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