Precognition and long term memory

Many people over the years have sought answers to the meaning to dreams and can we see the future.

On some level for all my life I have had dreams, that become a reality. The dreams by definition are short segments of time 10 - 30 seconds at most. The precognitions occur 6 to 18 months later. They are always scenes that seem impossible given my present life ciircumstances. On the whole not overly useful...

Time is a human invention. We perceive an order of events, however sciene tells use that time can flow in any and all directions. Time can be changed, such as at a blackhole or with a theoretical wormhole.

Based on that, the simplest explanation for what happens in these dreams, is that my perception of time is relaxed for a moment and my brain processes that instead.

Two factors stand out:

Firstly it's always in my long term memory, no déjà vu.

Secondly going to sleep drunk or over tired seems to make it happen more often.

The frequency is probably twice a year these dreams give me something to remember.

I am not sure how to proceed...


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