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Love and insecurity

If you were in a relationship and you were insecure about it you might contact that person regularly to see what they are up to.  If you were secure in your relationship you would wait until you saw them next.

If you love someone they are on your mind and you should let them know, if you are not in love then you don't contact them very much.

Is it me, is there a contradiction there or am going crazy?

Twitter numbers

My brother is following 79 with an average of 4 tweets per day == 316 tweets each day to read.

Each tweet max length is 140 characters, so say an average of 10 words per tweet.

That 3160 words per day, 22120 words per week, 94800 per month (30 days), 1,153,400 words per year.

Wikipedia says the average length of a novel is 50,000 words:

Bob you'll be reading 23 novels worth of tweets this year!

And people say that reading is dead.

123-reg customer service


I have been having an ongoing battle with my previous domain registrar for the last 8 days.

All I get is stock emails and no answers to my questions, I get different support representatives each time with nobody taking an interest in my problem.

My problem is that the DNS servers which hold my names haven't been updated with what I put into their control panel.

The final straw was that they just closed a ticket because nothing had been posted for 3 days.  I was waiting for them!

A registrars job is the simplest on the planet.  However they failed.  Also there is no means for me to complain to a higher authority (Thanks to the web interface and lack of information on the contact us page) so since my domains are up for renewal I'll vote with my wallet elsewhere.

I just don't get twitter...

So both my brothers are on twitter Paul and Bob.  I followed them because I wanted to believe there was something good about the site.  To be honest I have yet to see a tweet that has added to my life.  My latest from my older brother leaves me wondering:

1, I guess is meant to be a joke, however those that actually know about fitness (which oddly my brother does) know that its actually protein that people need, not saturated fats which most people eat to get fat.

2, When Paul talks about his building stuff its clearly him talking to an audience, which is not me, this is the signal to noise ratio.  That post is just noise to me as it means nothing but I still read it.  Everybody wants less noise and more signal in their lives, it make life more worth while.

3, A re-tweet... God these annoy me like chain letters.  Its also very primary school maths.  Also consider my son that was born in 2001 and will be 10 this year.  So his answer is 11 which fails this "Crazy" maths.

4, Won…

American TV remakes


First The Office has to be remade now this.  Its not like its in a different language.  We can get other peoples cultures, so why can't the Americans?

iPad part 3

Ok, surfing for 3 hours without issue this morning.

Two things are apparent:

1, I am running g only on the wireless router.

2, Next doors wifi is off.