Love and insecurity

If you were in a relationship and you were insecure about it you might contact that person regularly to see what they are up to.  If you were secure in your relationship you would wait until you saw them next.

If you love someone they are on your mind and you should let them know, if you are not in love then you don't contact them very much.

Is it me, is there a contradiction there or am going crazy?


Bob H said…
No one is so secure that they don't want assurances and seeking assurance is a natural part of a relationship. If you think about a person regularly then it is very valid to tell that person, but at an appropriate time. I say 'appropriate' because that is a matter for judgement and often peoples judgement is clouded (most commonly by jealousy or insecurity).

If you had a clear head you would tell the person you love that you had been thinking of them the next time you communicated with them. But if you haven't communicated with them in an appropriate time frame then you possibly need to, not just to tell them you have been thinking of them but to find out how they are doing.

Telling your loved one that you care shouldn't become a chore and you certainly shouldn't say it automatically otherwise it has no meaning. You should tell them because you want to and because you mean it. However you shouldn't forget to tell them and you shouldn't take it for granted that they know. Everyone likes to be reminded they are loved.

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