Twitter numbers

My brother is following 79 with an average of 4 tweets per day == 316 tweets each day to read.

Each tweet max length is 140 characters, so say an average of 10 words per tweet.

That 3160 words per day, 22120 words per week, 94800 per month (30 days), 1,153,400 words per year.

Wikipedia says the average length of a novel is 50,000 words:

Bob you'll be reading 23 novels worth of tweets this year!

And people say that reading is dead.


Bob H said…
That doesn't event account for the RSS feeds.

I read about 100 RSS feed posts a day, mostly on the train to and from work.

I usually only read the synopsis but I read at least four full articles a day. Truly, reading is not dead!

I probably only read two real books a year though.

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