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Why wind power is the worst energy production method

The use of wind turbines is a half solution.

People may talk about the price per unit of different energy production, however one very fundamental aspect of wind and to a lesser extent of solar is that its very random.  People talk of average loads or peak loads but on a practical getting power to where its needed it fails

Wind blows when it wants to, we require power when we want it.  Currently there is no means to store electricity to even out demand.  Coal, gas, hydro and nuclear methods of production are great at offering predictable power outputs which nations need.

If you could create a battery to store the wind energy that was generated to use in the morning when everybody is having their showers that cost would need to be attributed to the cost of wind power.

To me the solution is deep geothermal.  You pump water down to 2-6 miles under the earth and steam comes back up (via pipes of course).  You use that to power a turbine, it can run 24/7, heat is everywhere, its incredibly…