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I want to go Solar PV

Every couple of months I look at the cost of solar PV panels.

The current scheme in the UK is that you get a payment from the electric company for electricity you export to them, that rate is disproportionate to help the adoption of carbon neutral technology.

The above site indicates that a 3.8kWp system should create me 3350kWp per year.

The current FIT (Feed In Tariff) tariff for a system under 4kW is 43.3pence.

That means that the system (if I exported it all) would generate: 3350 x 0.433 = £1450.55

The energy saving trust paints an even better picture of the situation but allow depends on how much is shines outside.  Now £1450.55 would pay for a home improvement loan over 10 years after which I get it all.  My problem is that I cannot tell if the 3350kWp is realistic.  Plus there is variables like the reliability and cost of inverters, the conversion rate…

DVCS - Monotone to Git

I have been moving all my projects away from using the monotone version control software over to Git.  Largely because monotones development has stagnated and there are lots more tools that integrate with Git than do with monotone.

For a while I have kept a cheat sheet of commands I used in monotone and their Git equivalent.  I am moving a lot of my non-important documents to Google Docs and realised that this particular spreadsheet probably could do with being widely accessible.

So here it is:

Feel free to share, its probably of limited use as there were never many monotone users.  I'll be looking to add a column for Mercurial soon as it would be nice to have it all in one place.

Innovate Britain

Certainly for the last 2-3 years I have seen the spiralling cost of foods in England.  With the Americans arguing about the best way not to default ( on their debt, it got me thinking what next for us?

Devaluing the pound or more Quantitative Easing would just boost the private banks margins again.  Which I think did do a job of making sure the house of cards didn't fall down.  However it was clearly another tax payer subsidy with no possibility of getting our money back.

Devaluing would improve exports and tourism whilst making imports more expensive and reducing the likelihood of us travelling abroad.  Problem there is that the UK is not geared up for exports any more, that train has sailed (if you like to mess up your metaphors).

What really needs to happen is government needs to be as small as possible and the population be entrepreneurial.

I have …