I want to go Solar PV

Every couple of months I look at the cost of solar PV panels.

The current scheme in the UK is that you get a payment from the electric company for electricity you export to them, that rate is disproportionate to help the adoption of carbon neutral technology.


The above site indicates that a 3.8kWp system should create me 3350kWp per year.

The current FIT (Feed In Tariff) tariff for a system under 4kW is 43.3pence.

That means that the system (if I exported it all) would generate: 3350 x 0.433 = £1450.55


The energy saving trust paints an even better picture of the situation but allow depends on how much is shines outside.  Now £1450.55 would pay for a home improvement loan over 10 years after which I get it all.  My problem is that I cannot tell if the 3350kWp is realistic.  Plus there is variables like the reliability and cost of inverters, the conversion rate of the panels (new ones are meant to be 17% efficient and the top site I left at 14%).

I need more data.


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