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The time-out proposal: A fix for the London riots

A solution to the lack understanding of consequences

Give parents the right to have their children taken away by the police for a short period of time, from an hour to over-night.  A time-out as the Americans would say.  Repeat offenders could even have to attend boot camps to teach respect and morals.

These time-outs would help police and parents build a relationship, it would show children what happens if you have a lack of morals.

It is not going to fix the current entitlement complex that the under-class have, but it will help the next generation.

Its workable in the sense that you can even get the PCSO to do a lot of the work.

Copyright and Patents

In the computer industry there is a problem with software patents at the moment.  Software patents are used to block competition and stifle innovation.

Trivial ideas are allowed to be patented and something like a phone can have over 200 patents covering it.  When people ask me what programming is, the simplest way I can describe it is that its just Maths.  1's and 0's, the closest people usually come to this is algebra in secondary schools.  Maths cannot be patented but somehow software is.

The problem with this is that patents generally last for 20 years.  Which in computing terms is disproportionate.  The main supporters of patents and copyright (which is not the same as patents) is that these things create wealth and protect ideas.  Which is true but only in a small part.  Dysons idea for a new type of vacuum cleaner is great and a great example of how a patent should allow him be rewarded for that effo…