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What would you do?

What would you do?

Baby mix-up case grips Russians

Two families in Russia sue their local maternity hospital for giving them the wrong babies 12 years ago, in a terrible mix-up.

Taking a picture of your child makes you a terrorist suspect?

Quantitive easing solved one problem...

Quantitive easing solved one problem, it helped the banks shore up their balance sheets and stopped them going to the wall (plus it allowed them to keep paying fat bonuses). Now there is a threat to the UK banks from a Greek default the governor of the Bank of England has injected 75billion into the banks again.

What is getting me angry, is that he keeps saying that this will help GDP and the economy. That is just an optimistic side effect of helping the banks, if it happens at all. The banks are under no obligation to help the economy, they are getting money with no strings attached.

A direct cash gift to tax payers would have been better, the majority wouldn't have spent it on flat screen tv's like they would have done 2008, we've come a long way since then.

Don't forget on Sunday it will be...

Don't forget on Sunday it will be:

12:34:56.78 9/10/11

For all us British calendar users.

Destroying homes

I just read a blog post about the tax and small businesses. A lot of it made sense, especially when talking about how politicians never talk about making it easier for businesses to start up and run their books.

However buried in the article (point 4) was also a point about how to lift the economy by bulldozing houses. In the USA I understand that a lot of home have been repossessed and are now owned by the government. These houses are creating a situation of over-supply and are keeping house prices low.

The authors solution to the problem is that the government destroy them for the good of the economy...

I am not sure what to make of that, I can see his point but it feels wrong to destroy an asset...

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The minimum wage...