COM+ via .NET

So I am going to make this blog more code focused so that other developers can learn from what I've found during my working day.

Right now one of my tasks is migrating VB6 code to .NET4. This is kind of a major challenge with over 200,000 line of code (loc). Starting simple I am just wanting to create a .net assembly with a COM+ interface. Allowing me to replace the existing COM+ objects with .net.

Today I got this error:

8004E024" error code when you run a COM+ application that creates instances of COM+ services in the .NET

Tracked it down to the Component Services and that my COM+ object was in there twice. Probably from me running:

regsvcs /fc EmailServer.dll

Too many times. Deleting all the instances of that object from the Component Services and then re-registering it cured the problem.

Yes, I hope the migration moves from COM+ to pure .net4


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