IPv6 Ready!


One of the customers I look after has several support websites which I am responsible for. I recently convinced those with the money to switch all of the sites to a cloud server from Rackspace.

Whilst Rackspace's dedicated servers are expensive, you are paying for the best technical support in the business. Their cloud servers are definitely more cost effective and with a great team behind them I am very pleased.

The bonus was that the new cloud server was IPv6 enabled, so are future proofed! I just needed to setup the IP addresses in the DNS and bind the IIS web server to all IP addresses and it was job done.

I did false start with putting the Microsoft's fe80 address into the DNS. But when I corrected that all the IPv6 test sites reported success.

WORLD IPV6 DAY is 8 June 2011 – The Future is Forever

Next challenge will be migrating all my other sites to IPv6.


Bob H said…
I wonder when BT and Virgin Media are going to finally give in and allow consumers to use native IPv6?
Until consumers get scale access it is still a low yield area.
Philip Hannent said…
My worry is that we'll end up with ISP's giving out private addresses rather than deploy IPv6.

I hope last year ISP's started telling their router suppliers that all new routers have to be IPv6 compatible otherwise we are another 5 years away.
Bob H said…
i know that the consumer electronics standardisation processes haven't yet been able to agree entirely on making ipv6 mandatory, I don't know about telecoms though.

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