Speeding up the Internet

About two weeks ago I switched back to Firefox, however I switched to the 64bit build called Waterfox. I figured since 64bit Firefox on Linux is good to use then the same should be true of the windows version.

After two weeks I am more than happy. Its fast, stable and since I have the HTTPS Everywhere extension the 64bit helps with all the SSL sites I frequent.

N.B. Encrypting as much of your traffic is important not only for your own online identity but also to stop ISP's or other people from injecting adverts and potentially malicious content into your browsing.

This morning I stumbled upon an old trick of speeding up browsing by increasing the number of simultaneous request you make to websites called pipe-lining:


Be warned its off by default for a reason, it can break things as much as it can speed things up.


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