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HTML5 video update

Golf society

So I haven't progressed much in this last week. However I managed to get DicePlayer and MediaHouse pro playing HD mkv files to the nexus 10. Which looks awesome on that screen. However the download for offline viewing isn't working, ho-hum.

My fix for minidlna to scan files ahead of folders is not indexing all folders. Probably because an index is being based on the loop index and my inserts are now slightly out of order. I am tempted to remove the SQLite db, saving inotify calls and keeping it live.

I figured out that minidlna should use gnomes video thumbnails for preview. However my thumbnailing isn't working because I am using the xorg edgers ppa which isn't compatible with nautilus' thumbnailer!!! I tried an Imdb thumbnailer however that's also broken, Imdb might have removed access to cover art. I researched tmdb as an alternative but that isn't as complete.

I've also registered a new domain for the golf society, can't believe the name was …

2013 is going to be Awesome

So last year I decided to get interested in the X-org development process (which is the GUI software for Linux and Mac. However after spending 3 months reading the mailing lists and source code commits I feel its a dive into the deep end. I have little direct hardware driver writing skills and I'd be trying to keep up with those that are being paid to work on the drivers.

I've settled to running the latest development builds and reporting back problems.

I've moved smaller in the hopes that incremental movements will get me to the place I want to be (working from home). My home media system has my linux PC providing videos and music to my TV, an xbox, an iPad and a nexus tablet. Through DLNA and AirVideo everything works. However its not perfect and there are a few itches I need to scratch.

With that in mind I am going to initially work on the minidlna software to remove my need to use AirVideo software. Then I'm going to look at creating my own App for Android and …