An alternative to the surveillance state

The surveillance state is a bad thing. It is the crutch of fascist regimes. We are all on guard against it. However each time something bad happens, people call for CCTV or these days drones.

Looking over the Boston Marathon bomber images it occurred to me there is another solution to the problem:

Crowd source your security.

I the modern world we don't take pictures of people we don't know, its considered rude. We let the state do it because somehow they are not human. However if it became the norm that 50% of a crowd of people took pictures of everybody else then you have a massive record to call upon when a crime happens. If nothing happens then the jigsaw is incomplete and privacy is maintained.


Bob H said…
I looked at the Tumblr and I couldn't draw the same conclusions about the "missing" backpack, the camera angles were poor.

I agree about crowd sourcing images and video to composite the positions of all the players, but I am concerned about crowd sourcing the investigation, as I read today it can easily become a witch hunt and innocent people could get hurt.

Video surveillance has a place because it targets and is present when people aren't. But there are risks associated with individuals taking 'evidence' especially if it encourages people to get into harms way (remember the Bunsfield fuel depot fire/explosion).

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