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Don't call me stupid

These days advice on energy is everywhere. However it is unfortunate that it's exactly the same advice wherever you turn. My energy company just emailed to remind me:

1, "Turn the heating down" - Thanks but given the number of times I've heard this my thermostat is now in negative numbers...

2, "Switch off equipment, don't let it standby, leaving equipment on standby costs the UK almost £1 billion a year" - Given that there are 25million homes in the uk then we can assume that's costing me £40 a year or 77 pence a week to have my items on standby or 10 pence per day to have devices at my beck and call. Which isn't really much of a saving. Especially when you factor in that most standby stuff is actually in businesses not at home...

3, "Insulation" - Durrrr. Insulation is cheap, EVERYBODY has already done it. I have never seen a house without loft insulation and only those homes that cannot have cavity wall don't have it these days.