KDE and the Windows key

By default the KDE Application launcher doesn't have its pop-up mapped to the windows key like Windows or Gnome does. This was a a constant pain because I am so used to just hitting that key. I understand that KDE wanted to use the key as a modifier like the CTRL and ALT keys but I already have those two modifiers. So I found this:


Basically I'll repeat the important bit it here in case it gets lost to time:

"unless you configure the Win key, it acts as a Meta modifier by default, and cannot be used as a shortcut. To change this, create a file ~/.xmodmap and put the following in the file:
keycode 115 = F14
This makes your system think the Win key is actually the F14 key. Note: different keyboards sometimes have different key maps for the Win key (i.e. on my Thinkpad, the keycode for the Win key is 133). You can use the application "xev" from the terminal to determine which keycode applies to your keyboard.
You can modify the file
and add the command
if [ -f $HOME/.xmodmap ]; then
/usr/bin/xmodmap $HOME/.xmodmap
to the bottom of the file, which should load your .Xmodmap on startup.
  • Note: you should do the .Xmodmap creation and the Xsession modification and then logout/login (or run /usr/bin/xmodmap $HOME/.xmodmap) before attempting to modify the shortcut key."
By Wesley Burr


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