IDE's and speed

I am a big fan of the the command line and keyboard shortcuts, however the one thing I've never managed to  do it move away from a graphical development environment. Eclipse, Visual Studio, Notepad++ and in the last few years QtCreator have all delivered exactly what I needed. However I always felt they might not help me work at my best, I always ran compiles via the command prompt and always had a strong grasp of scripting and the ability to reproduce my steps for a build machine.

Editors like vi and Emacs always seemed non-intuitive to me, holding legacy with keyboard sequences such as :w! always grated at me.

So for 2014 one of my new years resolutions will be to find the right text editor for me, starting with the one I use the most nano. I've found some cool syntax highlighting and I've just got to find function lookup or code completion to make it ideal.


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