Windows Server and the Task Scheduler Error Code 0x3

Wow, so again this is me documenting a problem I've had. Recently I was asked to diagnose a problem with a Windows Server 2008 on which its scheduled tasks were failing with the helpful error 0x3.

So what does 0x3 mean? Well according to Microsoft it means:

"The system cannot find the path specified."


Given that the paths were there and that up until midnight the tasks were running fine this lead to a problem. So I checked the following:

1, Can I run the task manually?
2, Can I run the task in the "Only if user is logged on" mode
3, Has the anti-virus done something?
4, Is there anything in any of the event logs for the last 24 hours that relates to this?

Nothing appeared to offer a reason for the failure. I ended up doing the thing I hate the most and that was scheduling a reboot. Once the server came back up the tasks sprang into life. If anybody knows what happened, please let me know.


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